Workplace Wellness May 11, 2009

We believe that a Wellness Program is the single most effective strategy to control spiraling healthcare cost.  We offer the most comprehensive Wellness Program available.  We offer Wellness planning that will improve the following areas: Read More

Insurance Placement May 11, 2009

Making your organization attractive to insurance carriers so that you receive the most favorable rates possible.

Once you have done the work of putting together a risk reduction and benefits plan, we can represent your business in its very best light to insurance marketplace. Read More

Benefits Planning May 11, 2009


Helping you take control of the issues that are affecting the cost of benefits by improving over-all employee health.

Employee benefits are not conducted in vacuum.  Benefits impact all areas of your business.  In our process, we discover the purpose of your plan.  Why do you provide benefits? Read More

Risk Planning May 11, 2009

Revealing the risks in your organization that are affecting your bottom line and helping you manage them.

We have a unique, licensed process that helps our clients identify the risk issues they face in their day-to-day businesses.  The primary purpose of our process is to narrow down the most urgent issues that you need to work on.  The ultimate goal is to produce a plan that helps reduce the total cost of risk – and makes you attractive to insurance companies.  In addition, our process helps you control the factors that are driving the total cost of risk – and the cost of insurance.


Our process reviews 21 specific areas of your business, including critical issues such as: Read More