Agency Philosophy


As an Independent Insurance Agency that has been in business since 1962, we have learned that time and experience teaches us to see things differently; showing us the value of what really matters.  For our clients and our team, this applies to businesses, individuals, and our community.

At Waldo Agencies, we believe that having the right perspective will reveal proper priorities.  Perspective means seeing things differently; such as:

> Recognizing our employees as professionals and supporting their efforts.

> Treating our clients as friends and respecting these relationships with honor.

> Identifying risks that you may not see and providing a method for managing them.

> Creating ways to make your organization more attractive to the insurance industry.

> Evolving the industry to meet the needs of modern organizations.


What are your priorities?


The “insurance business” is really about managing risk, not about selling insurance policies.  That’s just how we get paid.  This is why we believe that when you see what we see, you will take steps to deal with the issues that are being left to chance.

To help you address these risks, we have combined our experience and knowledge with the Sitkins International™ system to bring you a Risk Reduction Process that is usually only available to large corporations.  Our methods to make you more attractive to the insurance companies have worked for manufacturing, agricultural, automotive, tech companies, municipalities, non-profits, and many more.  While we can place you with over 150 insurance companies, we can also provide you wellness programs, disaster recovery, EEO issues, employee productivity and more.


Waldo Agencies also focuses on:


Risk Planning - Revealing the risks in your organization that are affecting your bottom line and creating a risk reduction plan.


Benefits Planning - Helping you take control of the issues that are affecting the cost of benefits by improving over-all employee health.


Insurance Placement - Making your organization attractive to insurance carriers so that you receive the most favorable rates possible.


If you are learning about Waldo ECG from one of our representatives, coordinate with him/her to schedule a complimentary Executive Briefing.  This session helps us understand your organization better and introduces you to our team, methods, and culture.  If we haven’t met before, please call (800) 829-0305.