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In Case You Missed It. Disaster Recovery Tip #39

As you may have heard, September was National Preparedness Month, a nationwide initiative designed to help Americans prepare for emergencies. This year marked Agility's seventh consecutive year as a Coalition Member and our most successful year to-date.
All told, we had over 2,500 registrants for our webinar series and tremendous support from national partners including: The Small Business Administration, FEMA and The American Red Cross.
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A Part of the Team. Disaster Recovery Tip #37

During a disaster, you, your family, your employees and your neighbors will rely on each other for help. There is a shared responsibility when it comes to our nation's level of preparedness; and to be truly prepared, we must work together as a team.
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Help Spread the Word. Disaster Recovery Tip #22

Yesterday, the Ad Council paired up with FEMA and the Red Cross to announce the launch of several new public service announcements designed to encourage businesses, employees and communities to proactively plan and prepare for an emergency. continue reading...

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