Wellness Programs v Wellness Benefit

I recently met with a company that had instituted a Wellness Program. After receiving another 20% increase in their health insurance rates, their broker suggested that a Wellness Program would help them receive better rates on their health insurance premium. Unfortunately after six months with little executive support and dwindling participation, the Wellness Program withered in its enthusiasm and became a “Wellness Benefit”. continue reading...

Keep Your Powder Dry

When I was growing up, and I was about to go out for the evening, my dad use to tell me, “Keep Your Powder Dry”. We use to laugh at this because we really didn’t know what it meant. As I got older he continued to tell me that whenever I left home after a visit. After many years I now know what my dad was trying to tell me. In the 19th century when men were at war, one of the most important things was to keep your gun powder dry. If it got wet then you could not fire your gun and it could cost you your life. I look at that now as being prepared in life and keeping the most important things safe. In business the most important things are ethics, honesty, keeping your word, and doing what’s right in any situation. continue reading...

Employee Training

I was reminiscing about my beginning days in the insurance business and want to pass on an experience that taught me a valuable lesson.

Employee training doesn’t always happen in the class room sometimes it occurs right in front of the customer and fortunately in this case the customer wasn’t even aware of it.

Those of you who remember back can probably relate and may have a similar lesson to share. continue reading...

Focusing on Focus

Over and over we get bombarded with this thought…”you must learn to focus if you are to be successful”.  I agree, however don’t just tell me focus is a worthy thing. Tell me what focus is. Tell me how to do it!

  • In optics, focus is where two points of light meet.
  • In geometry, focus describes a conic position (or you can say it describes a point of beginning).
  • In an earthquake, focus describes the epicenter.
  • In life, to focus is to bring a high degree of attention to a singular issue.

When focus is used as an action word (verb) it means “to cause, to do”.  How do we actually bring a high degree of attention to the right issue?  How do we engage focus?  How do we do it? continue reading...

Grandma the Business Advisor #2

“We don’t know what we don’t know”

You have all heard those provocative words when you were considering the next steps needed to run your business.  Well, you have a lot of company when it comes to having to make decisions without adequate information.  Way back when, Grandma would use those words when we were trying to figure out what to do next.  We didn’t really know what she meant, but it did sound wise enough at the time.  (Kind of like when Grandpa would say, “keep your powder dry”.) continue reading...

Security at the Best Price

A few days ago a well meaning prospect delivered his policies to me with a note on them.  He stated that in today’s difficult economic times it is important to him to have a financially secure Insurance Company at the best rates available.  When I had the opportunity to sit down with him a few days later I simply asked him to tell me what he is doing that would make him deserve the best rates with the most secure Company.  I explained that it is equally important to an Insurance Company in today’s recession that they understand the risks they are taking and that they only take the risks that make the most sense to them. That opened the door for a great conversation. continue reading...

Grandma the Business Advisor #1

“A Stitch in Time saves nine”

My Grandmother was the queen of darning socks and patching blue jeans.

Often she would tell us that if we would just take the time to repair a little tear, she would be saved time latter.  She would repeat the old saying “A Stitch in Time saves nine”. Her coaching was to give her the garment when the tear was small and let her make the correction before we put it on and head out the door.

We learned that Grandma’s wisdom was really business savvy.  Some questions she might ask as our present day business consultant are: continue reading...