Security at the Best Price

A few days ago a well meaning prospect delivered his policies to me with a note on them.  He stated that in today’s difficult economic times it is important to him to have a financially secure Insurance Company at the best rates available.  When I had the opportunity to sit down with him a few days later I simply asked him to tell me what he is doing that would make him deserve the best rates with the most secure Company.  I explained that it is equally important to an Insurance Company in today’s recession that they understand the risks they are taking and that they only take the risks that make the most sense to them. That opened the door for a great conversation.

Insurance, after all, is not a one way street.  We as agents can not only help our clients achieve their goals of attaining secure coverage at competitive rates, but we can place good accounts with our Companies that help them accomplish their financial goals as well.

Or how about this.  I have misplaced the rules so I am shooting from the hip a little, but here goes.

That there Umbrella thingy ain’t work crap!

Max came storming into the office berating his current agent.  How could his company deny coverage for his recent calamity when he had purchased one of those umbrella policy’s that basically covers everything!  Max said he hadn’t told his agent about his new venture, but he didn’t think it was necessary since he had that there Umbrella coverage.

After explaining to Max that an umbrella policy is really nothing more than an excess policy that only increases the type of coverage on the basic policy, Max let out a sigh and left with his hat in his hand and a wedgy.  When they leave your office  in that  manner it always reinforces in our minds that it does pay to communicate with our clients.

Okay, so I have a long ways to go!  Bear with me!

By Ray Waldo

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