Keep Your Powder Dry

When I was growing up, and I was about to go out for the evening, my dad use to tell me, “Keep Your Powder Dry”. We use to laugh at this because we really didn’t know what it meant. As I got older he continued to tell me that whenever I left home after a visit. After many years I now know what my dad was trying to tell me. In the 19th century when men were at war, one of the most important things was to keep your gun powder dry. If it got wet then you could not fire your gun and it could cost you your life. I look at that now as being prepared in life and keeping the most important things safe. In business the most important things are ethics, honesty, keeping your word, and doing what’s right in any situation. If we do not keep those things then our business will surely fail. We also need to be prepared each day for the things that we face. So as we go out into the business world each day we need to remember “Keep Your Powder Dry”.

By Brad Waldo

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