Grandma the Business Advisor #1

“A Stitch in Time saves nine”

My Grandmother was the queen of darning socks and patching blue jeans.

Often she would tell us that if we would just take the time to repair a little tear, she would be saved time latter.  She would repeat the old saying “A Stitch in Time saves nine”. Her coaching was to give her the garment when the tear was small and let her make the correction before we put it on and head out the door.

We learned that Grandma’s wisdom was really business savvy.  Some questions she might ask as our present day business consultant are:

    • What is our process around identifying issues that could create problems for us in the future?
    • What is our process around making the repairs once the issues are identified?
    • When was the last time we reviewed our total business processes to make sure that we are working as effectively and efficiently as possible?
    • How does our process help us lower costs and add to the bottom line?
    • How do we measure the success of our process?

These days and time’s require more diligence in discovering and fixing areas in the business process that cause unneeded expense.

Bad things do happen in business and little things can suddenly be the cause of large losses to our business, like an embarrassing tear in our blue jeans when we want to make a good impression.

By Dave Waldo

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