Focusing on Focus

Over and over we get bombarded with this thought…”you must learn to focus if you are to be successful”.  I agree, however don’t just tell me focus is a worthy thing. Tell me what focus is. Tell me how to do it!

  • In optics, focus is where two points of light meet.
  • In geometry, focus describes a conic position (or you can say it describes a point of beginning).
  • In an earthquake, focus describes the epicenter.
  • In life, to focus is to bring a high degree of attention to a singular issue.

When focus is used as an action word (verb) it means “to cause, to do”.  How do we actually bring a high degree of attention to the right issue?  How do we engage focus?  How do we do it?

  • By changing what we think on.
  • By determining our vision/mission (both business and personal)
  • By defining our values (both business and personal)
  • By aligning our goals and objectives to our mission/vision/values.
  • By determining the few things to do today that will help us meet our goals and objectives.
  • By believing in our objectives.
  • By expecting results.

“What we focus on grows”.  The minute we begin to think about what can be; opportunity opens to us.  When we spend our time thinking about what can be, we find that energy and the opportunity converge.  Focus, then, is not Rocket Science; rather focus is a matter of our thinking.  Align our thinking; this is how we can do it!

By Dave Waldo

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