Employee Training

I was reminiscing about my beginning days in the insurance business and want to pass on an experience that taught me a valuable lesson.

Employee training doesn’t always happen in the class room sometimes it occurs right in front of the customer and fortunately in this case the customer wasn’t even aware of it.

Those of you who remember back can probably relate and may have a similar lesson to share.

New in the insurance business and brimming with confidence as I’d just recently passed the exams.  I was standing behind the counter expounding to a customer all the wonderful things their policy included when I realized my employer was standing next to me and her foot was putting extreme pressure on mine. At that point my toe and brain began communicating and I immediately say to the customer “I believe I may have gone a little too far in my explanation and I’d like to have Lucy clarify how your policy will respond in the situation we’ve been discussing.”  Lucy takes over very smoothly and the customer leaves on a happy note while I’m left standing on one foot.

The issue is; are you aware of what your employees are telling your customers?

What do they say when their involved in an accident?  “We’ll take care of everything”?

How do you orientate new employees with your policies and procedures?

Employee Training is a big job, but one that can have a positive effect on your bottom line if it’s done effectively. If you’re doing it, keep it up if you haven’t been it’s time to get started and you’ll reap the benefits.

I haven’t forgotten this experience and it’s helped me to “take a moment” and be sure what I’m about to say is accurate, within company guidelines and will be backed up by the insurance contract. Extreme pressure on the foot does work!

John Forsyth, CIC, CRM has been in the insurance business for over 30 years.  He works for Waldo Agencies and they specialize in Risk Reduction Planning.  They work with companies to help them focus on issues, plan and implement solutions and monitor the results for effective change.  He can be reached at jforsyth@waldoagencies.com

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