Disaster Recovery Tip #15: Resilient Leaders

Plan. Practice. Prepare.

Resilience – the ability to overcome obstacles, is part of the DNA of all well respected leaders; especially when it comes to disaster recovery. For some people, resilience and the ability to think calmly and react swiftly, comes naturally. For most of us, resilience comes with a great deal of planning, practice, training and experience.

Take the "Miracle on the Hudson" as an example. The pilots of that flight had a 100 page disaster recovery plan at their fingertips. But without intense practice in flight simulators, and his long history of flying glider planes, Captain Chesley Sullenberger's emergency landing on the Hudson River could have just as easily ended in tragedy.

So what can you do to prepare your organization and become a more resilient leader? Click here for some advice and lessons learned from the heroic actions of Captain Sullenberger and his crew.

Be on the lookout for next week's Disaster Recovery tip from Agility. If you have additional questions or would like to talk with a recovery professional about your business continuity needs visit www.agilityrecovery.com or call 866-364-9696

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