Communication is Key. Disaster Recovery Tip #24

The ability to communicate, and communicate well, is one of the biggest factors in business success. This is true in almost any situation but it's critical at a time of crisis.

In today's 24/7 world of continuous communication, it is imperative your employees know how to communicate both internally and externally before, during, and after a disaster. Putting together an effective crisis communication plan can prevent further damage to your company's image while creating a sense of security within.
The following resources will help you develop a clear and concise plan.
  • Agility's Crisis Communications Planning Checklist will help you develop and execute a well-rounded communications strategy. Click here to download.
  • Free webinar on June 21: "Crisis Communications Planning - The Keystone of Disaster Recovery Response". Hosted by Agility and the Small Business Administration. Click here to register.

Be on the lookout for next week's Disaster Recovery tip from Agility. If you have additional questions or would like to talk with a recovery professional about your business continuity needs visit or call 866-364-9696

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