Are you frustrated with the limited choices in PPO networks for your self-funded medical plan?

·         Would you like your employees to have the freedom to use ANY provider they choose?

·         Can an alternative to traditional PPO networks give you equal or even GREATER provider discounts than your current network?

·         Would you like to learn how your employees can have access to the SAME “REAL-COST” PRICING INFORMATION as your medical plan carrier/TPA and network providers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on!

The history of healthcare reimbursement has largely been an effort to contain costs through one method: negotiating discounts from billed charges. Recently developed technology aims to change history by arming health plan sponsors with a completely new – and smarter way– to do business. This new health care data technology has begun a true healthcare revolution. For the first time, every healthcare patient, payer, and provider can see the actual cost of care and the fair reimbursement for medical services. Payers – including insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and self-insured employers – can use a proprietary cost-of-care approach to save an average of 49% from billed charges, while at the same time allowing members to use ANY provider.

Often referred to as Medicare-plus pricing, this new provider access model is available today for self-funded employers. 


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“When you see what we see, you'll think and act differently"

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